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Best of January

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The new-year has already got off to a great start for us at RM. It’s been a busy month for us both with our own product development and within our textile consultancy.

At RM, working with craftspeople in local mills has been on our wish list for a while and an opportunity came up before Christmas to do just that. We’ve been busy designing and planning for the last few weeks, and on the cusp of seeing the first collection finished we wanted to share with you some details of what we’ve been working on.

Working with a small commission weavers based on the outskirts of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, we have been able to build on the ideas we have previously explored in our work of creating small, bespoke collections of accessories made from repurposed materials.

By using stock yarns, a by-product from the local textile industry, together with the expertise of the weavers at the mill, we are able to create lengths of fabric which are by the nature of the materials used – completely bespoke.

The combination of carefully selected yarns, colours and textures are unique to each length of fabric woven and can’t easily be reproduced. The final products have also been designed in a way which means that each item will be one of a handful, if not entirely one-of-a-kind in its appearance.

We are very excited at the prospect of producing beautifully designed, bespoke textile products all made and finished locally within Yorkshire and together with friends we are also working on a short film documenting this project.

We want to be able to show the design, development and production behind our new collection and the skills and craftsmanship which exists right on our doorstep. Everything is happening over the next few weeks and there will be more exciting updates to follow soon on this latest project!

When not working on our new collection, we’ve been living out of a suitcase for most of the month. We started we a lovely long weekend in Brussels, staying in a beautiful apartment furnished with vintage finds from a local flea market. We had a super tasty weekend trying out some of the amazing food in the city, including the local friets and waffles!

We also spent a few days in Florence visiting Pitti Filati with our consultancy hats on, researching the latest yarn trends for new season. Florence is a beautiful city we love visiting, the food is always amazing and our suitcases are always weighed down with tasty treats on the way home!

February is already well upon us and its going to be another busy one! With our mill project in full swing and trips to Paris and London to fit in we can’t wait to share more updates soon!

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