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Best of July

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Where to start, July has been a month of change with lots of exciting new opportunities starting to come together at Rag Makers HQ. Our new bespoke interior, vintage and holme grown collections are starting to make an appearance online, with new additions being added all the time.

We have a more in depth look at our family history, in our about page, featuring the women who worked in the Rag Trade who inspired more than just our name. We also have some exciting work in the pipeline for our new Rag Makers | Consultancy service which offers a comprehensive textile sourcing, development and trend service to retailers, suppliers and mills directly.


Throw in Wimbledon, a few inspiring exhibitions, Manchester’s International Festival and the eagerly awaited start of raspberry season in the allotment and all in all its shaped up to be a great month. When we haven’t been indulging in jams, fools and mountains of Eaton mess, we’ve been visiting our favourite hidden boutiques and markets to bring you a beautiful array of hand-selected vintage pieces to accompany our new bespoke interior accessories.

During our travels we had an inspiring trip to Tate Modern to see the Sonia Delaunay exhibition. Delaunay’s expressive and vibrant use of colour and pattern was wonderful to see up close, as was the opportunity to look through some of her textile designs, original sketches and notebooks.

What is Luxury at the V&A was a beautiful and thought provoking collection of works, with personal favourites being - Time for Yourself by Marcin Rusak in collaboration with Iona Inglesby, a covetable toolkit of objects designed to encourage the user to escape from familiar routines and adventure into the unknown. Also Luxury Skimming Stone by Dominic Wilcox, a small flat stone covered in gold leaf, which is in itself a precious object, with a tempting ultimate purpose to be thrown away in one memorable moment. Both pieces focus on the personal experience and memories created between the user and object with the time spent doing so being a prized luxury in itself, as shown in the accompanying addition of @craftsmagazine below.

Time for Yourself by Marcin Rusak in collaboration with Iona Inglesby, 2013

Luxury Skimming Stone by Dominic Wilcox, 2009

Its been a very inspiring and exciting July and with August promising to be the same, keep up to date with our latest news and new arrivals on our twitter and instagram feeds.

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