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The Cuckoo has left the nest

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Our first spring in our new home in the little West Yorkshire village of Marsden has officially begun with arrival of the cuckoo last weekend. This eccentric festival celebrates a local legend that the arrival of the cuckoo into the village co-insides with the arrival of spring and the better weather.

We were spoilt with some beautiful weather as we followed the giant cuckoo around the village together with a precession of musicians and dancers - we took part in the duck race too but sadly lady luck was not on our side/duck.

As we left the festival goers behind, we took a path up into the hills for a breezy walk along the moors where we could still hear the bands playing in the village. We had a lovely time welcoming the cuckoo to Marsden and we’ll be back again next year, but before that we have the Marsden jazz festival to look forward to in October.