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7 days Shanghai

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We’ve spent an amazing week in Shanghai this month with our Rag Makers consultancy hats on. We headed out there for the Shanghai Intertextile fair and to spend time with the local textile mills we’re working with, designing and developing collections for the UK market.

To say the fair is huge is an understatement, the staggering size of the exhibition centre itself is impressive, let alone the thousands of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors that attend from across the globe – lets just say the queue for the tube at the end of the day is an experience!


During the week we were able to spend some time in the mills, seeing all the aspects of fabric production – from spinning yarns, weaving and finishing fabric to the garment factories where the finished product comes together. I always find it incredible to see the effort and energy that goes into producing fabric and garments for the retail industry on a commercial scale. Generally the whole process is hidden from the consumer but when you do you see it, it really makes you view your clothes in a different way.


We always look forward to the food on these trips and this time was no different, amongst the noodles, rice and veg were some super tasty breakfasts which included steamed dumplings and Jianbing which was new to us. A Chinese take on the traditional French Galette with egg, spring onions, hoisin sauce and chili – just delicious.


Next stop Paris in the spring.