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Milnsbridge Long Ethel - Handmade Woollen Bag - Blackberry
Milnsbridge Long Ethel - Handmade Woollen Bag - Blackberry
Milnsbridge Long Ethel - Handmade Woollen Bag - Blackberry

Milnsbridge Long Ethel - Handmade Woollen Bag - Blackberry


Introducing our most popular bag, Ethel, big sister - Long Ethel. Long Ethel came about through talking to customers who wanted the choice between handheld and shoulder length handles. The same great size and shape as Ethel, just with longer handles.

Named after one of our ancestors who worked in a woollen mill in Ossett West Yorkshire during the 19th century. Ethel would have spent her time sorting rags into different compositions and grades ready to be recycled and reprocessed into new materials.

Our Long Ethel bag is made from our Milnsbridge cloth which is woven locally from yarns that we source from Yorkshire based mills and merchants. The yarns are mostly left overs from large commercial orders and as such can be very odd, small quantities. These are very difficult to use on a commercial scale, but perfect for small makers like our-selves. We like to think of this as our own small way of recycling, just like Ethel sorting through rags in the mills.

Read more about the making our of Milnsbridge cloth here.

Our Long Ethel bag is one of our best sellers along with her sister Ethel (who has hand-held length handles.)

Long Ethel’s a neat bag - perfectly sized to hold a small amount of shopping whilst out and about without getting too heavy. Surprisingly lightweight for a woollen bag, Long Ethel is a great companion on a day out or trip to the shops.

Available in a variety of weaves and colours, our Milnsbridge bags all have our signature bound handles. We stuff the handles with off-cuts of Milnsbridge cloth and then bind them by hand using the same yarns we use to weave with. It’s a time consuming process, but the solid bound handles create a great contrast in look and feel to the rest of the bag.

If you like the look of Long Ethel but can’t see her in your favourite colours, drop us an email as we often have more cloth available in the studio and we’re happy to make bags to order.


Bag size approx. 32w x 30h x 12d cm

Handle length - approx. 55cm

Composition - 70% Wool, 30% Other fibres

Weight – approx. 280g

Caring for your bag –

We have found a steamy iron on a wool setting removes any creases with ease and gives the bags a little refresh if needed.

If your bag requires washing, we would recommend a gentle hand wash with some wool friendly soap in luke-warm water. Gently squeeze out any excess water, don’t ring or twist the bag as this could damage the yarns. Leave to air dry flat on a towel and once dry give the bag a light pressing with a steamy iron on a wool setting.